8 Pounder – Gatling Shotgun

This is the 8 Pounder – an 8 shot Gatling, crank mechanism, shotgun with 22 shell magazine.  It’s also equipped with a shot dispersal attachment. It’s quite front heavy so a neck sling is necessary to hold the barrels up while cranking.

It was modeled in 3DS Max 2017 and rendered with the ART renderer and physical materials. It was textured with Substance Painter. The exported metal/roughness textures (4k) worked perfectly with the physical material shader.


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The Belcher²

My first attempt at a “game” weapon was so much fun I had to try again … so here’s the Belcher². A compressed air powered, breach loading grenade (or whatever) canon … kind of thing. Rather cumbersome and not the favorite of many of the troops in the game, but what the heck. 😉

Modeled in 3DS Max and textured/Rendered in Substance Painter and Marmoset Tool Bag 2.


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Coleman Gas Iron: Model/Texture

Quick bit of model and texture practice – this is an old-timey gasoline Coleman Iron. An interesting blast from the past for sure. I understand they operated much like the Coleman lamps. I imagine this was quite a big technology jump from having to constantly heat and re-heat your iron on the stove.

Modeled in 3DS Max 2017 and textured/rendered in Substance Painter.

Coleman Gas Iron: Model/Texture

Wide Eyes Belly Gun: Model/Texture

I wanted to try my hand at creating a “game” type of weapon ala Borderlands series. This is the Wide Eyes Belly Gun – 100 gauge double barrel shot gun. Probably not well suited for game insertion as it ended up about 70K polys. Oh well, it was a fun project. Modeled in 3DS Max, textured in Substance Painter 2 and rendered with Iray (within SP2).


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Chuck-A-Luck Cage: Model/Texture

Another modeling and texturing exercise. This is a Chuck-A-Luck dice cage. From Wikipedia:

Chuck-a-luck, also known as birdcage, is a game of chance played with three dice. It is derived from grand hazard, and both can be considered a variant of sic bo, a popular casino game, although chuck-a-luck is more of a carnival game than a true casino game. The game is sometimes used as a fundraiser for charity.

Modeled in 3DS Max, textured in Substance Painter 2 and rendered with Substance Painter’s Iray.


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Review: Iray for 3ds Max

Answers the question “what is the difference between the stand alone plug in and the version that ships with MAX/Maya.”

Review: Iray for 3ds Max

Iray doesn’t just come bundled with Max any more. Jason Lewis puts the new, more powerful plugin version of Nvidia’s GPU-based renderer through his real-world benchmark tests, on a range of current graphics cards.

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Silly Cycle: Model/Texture

So I’m looking around on google for something cool to model and I see this somewhat rare, bike type vehicle called the Silly Cycle. A little research shows that the photos I found are of a prototype as it never made it into production. It’s very cool just for that reason, as I can see how it wouldn’t be too practicle, even as a toy. I’ve included a picture below the others of the real thing.

This was modeled in 3D Max 2017, textured and rendered (Iray) in Substance Painter 2. It was fun to model – there were some challenging bits but I figured them out and that’s what all this modeling practice is all about. 🙂


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WWRp Pinky Bertie MK3.5 – Modeling/Texture

One of my favorite 3A Ashley Wood figures – the WWRp Pinky Bertie MK3.5 (damaged and undamaged) – has the coolest revolver (double!). As I’m still working on my modeling/texturing skills it was no-brainer to give the gun a go! 🙂

Modeled in 3D Max 2017, textured in Substance Painter 2 and rendered in Iray (within Substance Painter). Background photo by Neil Blevins

Model/Texture: WWRp Pinky Bertie MK3.5

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Bush Radio – Modeling/Texture

More modeling practice in Max. Saw a photo of an old Bush brand transistor radio from the 60s and wanted to give it a go. There were some challenges. I wanted to model the speaker vents from the body but it was just too difficult for me at this point. Getting the edges where the body rolls around was the challenge there. So I opted to Boolean them – don’t normally like the mess Boolean makes but this worked out pretty well, with a minimum of clean up. And the edges were bang on, so use what works best I guess! 🙂 Used a lot of crease sets and open subdiv instead of control loops, too. Another challenge but the difference in weight is remarkable. This is definitely a high poly model – coming in at around 40K.

After Max I took it into Substance Painter and gave it a paint up. Came out pretty well. I had a hard time getting any reflections to show in Iray (final render was done in SP/Iray) for some reason. Haven’t quite figured that out yet. I ended up using projection to add some reflections on a layer set to screen and adjusted the opacity – IOW I faked it! Ha! I used the Metal/Rough/Glass shader from Share by nathanieljla (thanks!) and the dirty glass material by Allegorithmic. You can find some really good shaders and materials there!

Final Iray Render

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Some Really Old Bryce Artwork

Just a few really old pieces that have survived from my Bryce days (c2000) – what a great, and simpler time! 😉

Shout out to all my old Bryce friends wherever you are! Feri, Don Tatro, Michele D’addio, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some. Drop me a line if you find your way through here!

Thanks for looking!

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