Fat Ma.k Buta Demo #8 – Powered Armor Demolition Unit

Fat Ma.k – Powered Armor Demolition Unit – So I wanted to try to make a “Mech” or robot type model. Since a lot of my experience with such is from building the Machinen Kreiger plastic models the result was heavily inspired along those lines. It’s base loosely on a custom version of the D8/B8 Raccoon model. I modeled it in 3ds Max, textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Vray.

This unit has most of it’s mechanics located internally – thus the enormous “gut” and nickname “Buta”, which is Japanese for “pig” or “pork”. While primarily a manned (suit separates at skirt/legs and is lifted then lowered over standing pilot) armored power suit it can be remotely control and use in a “drone” capacity as in bomb or hazardous waste disposal. This slow moving hog is powered by a small electric motor backpack and internal battery. Due to the low power source it must be towed to and from the general area of need. There is a tow right on the lower from of the “gut” for that purpose. The heels can be lifted allowing the feet to roll on the front mounted tires. There are also lift handles one the back for lifting the suit, either for storage or for pilot insertion.

This unit has a miniature Double JOL (jaws of life) arm for removing debris and a 6 barrel automatic internal belt fed shot/pellet dispersal system – can be loaded with shot or pellets for self defense or with sand or rock for abrasive spray. It is made from a painted metalized ceramic material, classified officially as “ceramic armor”.


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