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Toys at Night

Candy Crush is so addictive!!

Someone’s God

3Ds Max 2020, Vray Next, Substance Painter, Photoshop

Big Bang Two: The Script

First act of the second series of original What Big Bang. 3DS Max, Substance Painter, Vray and Photoshop.

Game Time

A few of my very favorite games from the 1980s – and most of where my money went! Done in 3DS Max, Substance Painter, Vr

Astro Roundup

Mischievous planet breaking orbit – got to find and round up the rogues. Full size image here – dreamscraps.com/3d

New For ’62: The Pedestrian 500

Right, so I got to kind of sketching with Max. Got the body shape and the rest of the design just sort of happened. Had to com

Game Weapon: It Hertz!

High Poly fantasy weapon.- some sort of electric shock type of gun. Didn’t bother too much with working out the engineer

Skull Grenade ala Borderlands

Quick little model of a WW1 era fragmentary grenade in the style of one of my favorite all time games – Borderlands! Mod

T Minus…

A little scene done in 3Ds Max. Textured with Substance Painter and rendered with Vray - using toon shader. Rocket design heav


The is a 7.62×39 caliber, break-front, close quarter assault rifle. It fires 4 rounds simultaneously and is loaded via a

8 Pounder – Gatling Shotgun

This is the 8 Pounder – an 8 shot Gatling, crank mechanism, shotgun with 22 shell magazine.  It’s also equipped w

The Belcher²

My first attempt at a “game” weapon was so much fun I had to try again … so here’s the Belcher². A co

Coleman Gas Iron: Model/Texture

Quick bit of model and texture practice – this is an old-timey gasoline Coleman Iron. An interesting blast from the past

Wide Eyes Belly Gun: Model/Texture

I wanted to try my hand at creating a “game” type of weapon ala Borderlands series. This is the Wide Eyes Belly Gu

Chuck-A-Luck Cage: Model/Texture

Another modeling and texturing exercise. This is a Chuck-A-Luck dice cage. From Wikipedia: Chuck-a-luck, also known as birdcag

Vintage Cannonball Safe – Model/Texture

More modeling practice! This is a model of an old cannonball safe – aptly titled I suppose – that I saw when out g

Silly Cycle: Model/Texture

So I’m looking around on google for something cool to model and I see this somewhat rare, bike type vehicle called the S

Old Kitchen Scale – Model/Texture

More modeling and texturing practice. This time an old American Family brand kitchen scale. Modeled in 3D Max 2017 and texture

WWRp Pinky Bertie MK3.5 – Modeling/Texture

One of my favorite 3A Ashley Wood figures – the WWRp Pinky Bertie MK3.5 (damaged and undamaged) – has the coolest

Bush Radio – Modeling/Texture

More modeling practice in Max. Saw a photo of an old Bush brand transistor radio from the 60s and wanted to give it a go. Ther

Falling Star 2016

Used ZBrush, 3D Max, KeyShot and Substance Painter. A tongue in cheek look at elements within the universe. 😉